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Don’t leave us now! Here are some of the most common questions we get that we think can help you make the most of your WonderDads experience:

What do I get now that I’m a WonderDads member?

Think of us as your own personal roadmap on your journey through fatherhood over the coming year. We break down what you get in 5 main categories:


  • WONDERDADS MAGAZINE: Ideas and inspiration for incredibly fun Dad-Kids experiences, delivered to you digitally every week throughout the year. See why 80k+ Dads LOVE WonderDads Magazine.
  • CRITICALLY-ACCLAIMED DAD RESOURCES: Access critically-acclaimed Dad resources such as Creating an Annual Dad Plan, Birthday Letters, Dad Visioning and more.
  • INCREDIBLY FUN DAD-KIDS EXPERIENCES: From half and full day activities, to Dad-Kids trips, to special traditions to do with your kids, we have the ultimate ways to embrace your kid’s childhood years.
  • PERSONALIZED REMINDERS & RECOMMENDATIONS: You’ll receive personalized recommendations, age-specific wisdom, perfectly-timed email reminders, incredibly fun Dad-Kids experiences, gift recommendations, and other helpful ways to stay one step ahead as a Dad. See why other Dads LOVE this feature!
  • ALL YOUR DAD STUFF, ALL IN ONE PLACE: Finally, one place to get ideas, plan your next Dad-Kids experience, bookmark a future Dad-Kids trip, or make note of a memory you never want to forget – and all of it saves automatically in your account on the first-ever platform for Dads.


What should I expect now that I’ve signed up?

1. Just answer some questions about your kid’s ages, interests and what matters most to you as a Dad.

2. You’ll then be able to access critically-acclaimed Dad resources such as Creating an Annual Dad Plan, Birthday Letters, Dad Visioning and so much more, all in your account on PLUS, you’ll get a free eBook copy of The WonderDads Way:  How to Make the Most of Your Kid’s Childhood Years (Ages 0-12) in Just 60-Minutes…that’s a $30 value, yours free.

3. You’ll immediately receive the first of your 52 issues of WonderDads Magazine, featuring an endless stream of ideas and inspiration for incredibly fun Dad-Kids experiences, traditions and memories, delivered to your inbox every Friday throughout the year.

4. Through out the year, you’ll receive personalized recommendations, age-specific wisdom, perfectly-timed email reminders, incredibly fun Dad-Kids experiences, and so much more. Trust us, this is going to be your best year ever as a Dad!


Where do I access my free eBook copy of The WonderDads Way?

You’ll receive a separate email that contains the link to your book. We recommend following the steps so you can save it to your Kindle or iBooks.  You can also access the book from your account by clicking the following link. The WonderDads Way eBook


I was charged $96 and thought I received a free month…why?

We sincerely apologize for any confusion Dad. The checkout page clearly states that this is an annual subscription for $96. That is at the rate of $2/week equally a normal $104 for the year. Your first month’s on us so with your 1-month discount, that’s a total of $96. If you have any questions on our policies or terms you can review the Subscription Terms here or on any page of our website.


How do I change my account password?

Not a problem Dad! You can access your Account Settings on the following link and update your account with a new password. Update My Password


I’m not receiving any emails. How do I fix this?

We are so sorry Dad! First, we recommend checking your spam folder to see if you received your welcome email with your login details. If you’re still receiving no emails, please just let us know by clicking the following link to notify our team. We will make it right Dad! Notify Tech Support


I’m unhappy with my experience with the platform. Help?

We are currently working on an entirely revamped and upgraded version of the WonderDads platform 2.4. This update is expected to launch within the next month and will have new features like WonderDads Challenges, new gift guides, and all new Dad-Kids activities, traditions and experiences. If you’re encountering an error in the current version of the platform, we humbly beg for your forgiveness and we promise to fix it immediately. Thanks for your patience and understanding Dad…and thanks for helping us to make WonderDads the best ever resource for busy Dads! Notify Tech Support


When will I receive WonderDads Magazine?

Your first issue is available immediately upon sign up and can be accessed from the dashboard. You will then receive a new issue of the magazine every Friday afternoon through the entire year of your subscription.


What is the refund policy?

You can review our refund and subscription cancellation policy on the following link. Subscription Terms


I entered the wrong email address upon sign up or I want to update my email. How do I do that?

We get it Dad, it happens. If you need to change your email address, notify our support team so we can update it both on your account and make sure you receive notifications from WonderDads at the correct email address. Notify Support Team


I entered the wrong information for my kid’s or spouse. How do I fix this?

You can update your information including your children’s names, birth dates, and spouse’s information on the following link in your account. Update Family Info


What can I expect to get this year?



  • What’s Your Dad Identity?
  • Introducing WonderDads Challenges – New Feature!
  • WonderDads Platform 2.4 – Updated Layout & Design Released!


  • 2020 Best Dad-Kids Holiday Traditions
  • WonderDads Gift Guide for Kids, Spouses,
    Parents Released!
  • End of the Year Emergency Preparedness


  • Create Your Dad Plan for 2021
  • Join WonderDads in Completing a Dad World Record
  • WonderDads App Tentative Release Date for iPhones!


  • Semi-Annual “Tech Monitor” for Your Kid’s Devices
  • Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2021
  • WonderDads Challenge: Start “Screen Free” Sunday


  • Top Daddy Day Ideas for 2021
  • St. Patrick’s Day Guide 2021
  • Spring Break Staycation Ideas & Itineraries


  • WonderDads Best Dad-Kids Trips for 2021 Released!
  • Write Your First Dad Vision
  • A Dad’s Guide to Social Media With Kids


  • 100 Ways to Have Your Best Summer Ever
  • WonderDads Game Nights
  • WonderDads Mother’s Day Guide 2021


  • How to Start a “Daddy Class” Daily Tradition
  • Celebrate Father’s Day – Update Your Annual Plan
  • Conversation Starters & Games for Road Trips


  • WonderDads 4th of July Guide 2021
  • How to Teach Your Kids About Finances
  • Introducing WonderDads Partners & Rewards Program


  • WonderDads Back-to-School Guide 2021
  • Nationwide Backyard Campout World Record Attempt!
  • Semi Annual “Tech Monitor” for Your Kid’s Devices


  • Update Your Annual Dad Plan for the School Year
  • Starting a Daddy Day Tradition This School Year
  • WonderDads Tips & Tricks on Work-Life Balance

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