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WonderDad of the Week – Jon Murray, The Dad Vlogger With 6 Daughters

Our WonderDad of the Week is Jon Murray, a father of 6 young daughters, devoted husband, videographer and vlogger creating inspiring, funny and relatable videos with his family on their YouTube channel.
As a well known vlogger, if you kids wanted to start their own channel when they’re old enough, how would you guide them and what advice would you give them?

I would tell them that in a world of social media there will always be someone who doesn’t like what you create. They will be offended by it or tell you it’s boring or find some way to hate on it, but there will be many more who are inspired by it and benefit from what you share. So focus on the many people you do reach instead of the one you didn’t. Don’t let that one person bring you down.


How do you balance being a father of 6 young kids, a husband, videographer and vlogger?

No clue, haha. It’s day by day and some things honestly don’t get my best efforts at the moment. It’s usually family first then everything else after that. If i have to push a video back in order to keep our home happy then that’s what happens. It can get insane here really quickly when the kids are home so nights have become my time to edit videos and whatever else i need to get done.


What is your favorite trip you’ve ever take with your kids?

My favorite trip would be the couple beach trips we’ve made as a family. It’s hard to get away with all of the kids but those trips are always nice because there’s time with the kids during the day, the days on the beach wear the kids out so they actually sleep at night and that allows us to just have quiet adult interaction with family and friends in the evenings that come with us. We are hoping to make our first trip to Disney with the girls this year though, so that may or may not be a good idea. We will know rather quickly if we’ve made a bad decision. ?


Who are 3 other Dads (that people may know of) that inspire you the most?

James Stauffer from the Stauffer Life vlogs. He’s a good friend and we relate with each other because we’re both in similar life situations. Always good to see how other dads are doing it. Tim Taylor from Home improvement haha I know he’s fictional, but I always admired how he parents his kids. Tough on them, but also had fun with them. Can’t seem to think of a third one.


What is your favorite bedtime tradition to do with your kids?

I love singing to my kids at bedtime. They typically ask me to sing a specific song or two to them. I also will make up the occasional story involving princesses and dragons. The princesses obviously being my children who happen to fight the dragons with their different sets of skills. They really like those stories.

Watch The Murrays on Youtube or check them out on Instagram @jonclark & @wearethemurrays

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