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Start An Annual Dad Plan This Year

Work-family balance is impossible. But, it feels good to actually acknowledge it. How can you possibly find balance between work, kids, spouse, fitness, hobbies (remember hobbies?), your own parents, friends and the other 800 things you were supposed to get done this week? The answer is: you can’t. What you can do though is put together a proactive annual Dad Plan to make sure you embrace your kid’s childhood years. Everything will ebb and flow throughout your life, but your kid’s childhood will go by before you know it (even if sometimes it feels like the days will never end).
A Dad Plan is a very important planning tool to create for the upcoming year. One of our most valued traditions that we think you should make a part of your Annual Dad Plan is Daddy Day. Daddy Day is just that, a special day or time of the month where you do something exclusively with one or all of your kids. Many fellow Dads have started doing this when their kids were young and still say it is the best thing they ever started.
Another component of your Dad Plan that can help you have your best year ever is to plan an Annual Dad-Kids Trip. So, this year, take the time to do an overnight with your kids. And when we say trip, this could be as simple as camping in the backyard. It could be taking a road trip up to a hotel and spending a night, or whatever sparks yours and your child’s interest. What matter is making it a special time just for you and your kids.
Another part of this are bucket lists. This is something people are familiar with, but these bucket lists are specifically things you’ve always dreamed of doing with your kids. This list could include taking them to Disneyland, parasailing in Hawaii or taking them to their first concert. As a part of your Dad Plan, it’s important to create a list of things you want to-do with your kids. It will feel really awesome to start checking off your list which can ensure you’re creating experiences and memories together but also keep you on the right track of being the best Dad you could possibly be.
Being present is one of the most important things you can be for your kids. They don’t really care about your business successes or failures. What they do care about is that you’re their Dad and they want to spend time with you. Of course this will eventually change as they grow older which is why it’s all the more important you put in the time and effort now to create the rituals and traditions that are remembered and celebrated forever. If you’re like most fathers, workaholics, it’s time to make the conscious effort to go above and beyond in creating extraordinary memories before it becomes your biggest regret. So create your Dad plan now and plan to have a monthly Daddy Day this year, take a planned Dad-Kids Trip, and keep a running list of Dad Goals for each of your kids to refer back to throughout 2019.


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With 94% of Dad-Kids bonding happening between ages 0-18, it’s never too early or too late to start investing in creating memorable experiences with your kids, they’ll end up being some of the best memories you ever have. More fun. New adventures. Priceless memories. And WonderDads is your launchpad to make it all happen.

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