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The Importance of a Dad Journal

A WonderDads Dad Journal isn’t just your traditional notebook and pen journal. A Dad Journal is one of the single best ways to embrace and remember your kid’s childhood years because it’s an easily accessible place to store and look back on all your extraordinary Dad memories. A lot of Dads ask, “Where do I add my photos?” but this is not a spot for just photos. Every Dad can take tons of pictures and have them simply saved in the palm of their hand but what they DON’T have is a place to save the context of that photo, a place to write down what made that moment so special. Did your kid say something so hilarious that made you laugh out loud for five minutes straight? Record it here. Did you guys take an awesome road trip together? Write down the best moments that you want to remember or share later, here. Did your child tell you you’re the best Dad ever? Jot that down here with the day they said it so you never forget!
WonderDads will help guide you with emails and prompts that make it easy to add things along the way because let’s face it, what Dad has the time to sit down and learn another online account especially when you’re already trying to balance your work and family life. We promise to make journaling as simple as possible so you can promise so make the most of your time with your kids. The best part is that in addition to making and keeping memories, when your child goes to college or wherever they may venture, we will print and bind your Dad Journal for you as a keepsake that chronicles your best memories during their childhood years that you can keep forever. This will assure you’ll never forget all of the awesome moments that make your kids who they are. Go ahead, be the best Dad ever, and start today.

Busy Dads Going Above & Beyond

With 94% of Dad-Kids bonding happening between ages 0-18, it’s never too early or too late to start investing in creating memorable experiences with your kids, they’ll end up being some of the best memories you ever have. More fun. New adventures. Priceless memories. And WonderDads is your launchpad to make it all happen.

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