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Dad Hack #5: Make Sure Your Kids Understand What You Do for Work

It is amazing that we are gone for up to 70% of our kids’ waking hours during the weekdays, yet most kids have very little idea what exactly their Dad does for a living. It really doesn’t matter if you are a marine biologist or a teacher or an accountant, any job can be put into “kid terms” and made interesting. Especially when your kids are very young, they really have no idea why you leave the house every day. Help them understand why the job you have is important.
Even better, bring them by where you work on a weekend and show them what your office looks like, where you sit/work, and share some fun facts about what your company does. Make sure to take a picture of them sitting in your seat, or doing whatever your job is, to post on their wall at home. This simple visual representation can be really powerful when your kid sees it every day and helps to form a connection to what you are doing when you are gone each day.

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