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Dad Hack #4: Pick a Couple Dad Rules and Stick to Them

As a Dad, it’s important you set boundaries not just for your kids, but also for yourself. It’s easy to always find an excuse to take an important call, check my email or “get back to work.” Here are just a few ideas on simple Dad Rules that can make a huge difference in your relationship with your kids while they are young. See if any of them might work for you:
  • Put your phone on airplane mode just before dinner at home each night and don’t turn it back on until after your kid’s bedtime or, even better, the morning.
  • On the weekends with your entire family, leave your phone behind when you go out together. And don’t try using the phone camera or GPS as an excuse, there are plenty of cameras available out there at a reasonable cost and using an old school map is fun for kids as well.
  • Whenever you take a business trip, send your kids a postcard.
  • If you are going to be gone for more than a few days, leave a number of very little presents all wrapped up, one for each day (or week) you are gone. Think of it as an advent calendar for when Dad is getting home.
  • If you miss your kid’s events or come home late from work, explain to them what was going on and why it was important. And then ask them all about what you missed over a cup of hot cocoa or tea to make it seem more special. For bonus points, walk in with the cocoa already in your hands.
  • Tell your kids you love them every day. This simple act of kindness can have incredible long-term effects on your kids and the warmth of your relationship, which especially helps as they turn into teenagers and eventually adults.

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