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Dad Hack #1: The Secret is Scheduling

The secret to crushing it as a busy Dad at home and work is SCHEDULING. Just like you put appointments on your calendar for business meetings, kid’s sporting events, doctor appointments, and other “important” things, it is time to start putting special Dad-Kid events on the calendar as well. A lot of Dads tend to keep it loose as to when they would do something with their kids. But, as kids get older, that looseness turns into frustrating moments when they don’t want to just go out and throw the ball around or go to a movie.
You want to get “buy-in” from them days ahead or even the morning of, on a plan we came up with together. That way you always have a calendar full of things you “just do” together instead of vague hopes, intentions and planning headaches. We’re not saying you should schedule every little thing you do with your kids. But we feel it’s important to schedule the big stuff like when you are taking them somewhere special, when you have a half or full day set aside for just the two of you (something we call Daddy Day) or anything else that is out of the ordinary.
Plus, it’s fun to have things out there on the calendar and also helps your kids during times when you may be extra busy with work. The calendar provides a way where they can at least look forward to something every month. A great touch is to find an old-school monthly calendar that can be put on the wall of your kid’s room with notes about your special Dad-Kids events coming up. This is an excellent way to help your kids visualize and be patient with your long (or erratic) work days whether they are 3 or 12-years-old.
Let’s say, for example, you have a newborn. The wall calendar in their room becomes a great touch point for you, especially when you say good night. You can look at the calendar and know you have some great things planned. And by the way, one of the simplest ways to feel like you are a great Dad is just knowing you have proactively put some special things on the calendar to look forward to when days are long at work.
We hope the idea of putting specific Dad-Kids time on the calendar is something you can implement going forward. Not only does this block aside time for the two of you, it also makes it extra special and something everyone can look forward to. Oh, and it’s a great conversation starter for any long car rides.

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