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Dad Advice: If You’re Married, Take Time to Cultivate the Soil

You and Your Spouse Are the Soil, If the Soil Is Good It Can Help to Grow Great Kids
Raising kids can definitely take on toll on your spouse and yourself. It’s hard, and every other clichéd adjective under the sun you could come up with. Often it means your relationship with your spouse can be put on the back burner. You have to prioritize your time with your spouse to maintain your relationship – especially during the childhood years, as these can often be the most challenging. Schedule a date night once a week or plan one night away together each month (if your parents live nearby, make it a whole weekend!).
It really doesn’t matter if your kids are very young or even in middle school, you need the time together as a couple to reconnect and remember why you fell in love with each other in the first place. A friend of WonderDads said it beautifully when she explained why she and her husband spent a weekend a month away together: “My husband and I are the soil for our family. If we take the time to cultivate it, it helps to bloom the type of kids we want to raise.”

What works for you and your spouse? Send an email to them right now and get it on the calendar!

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With 94% of Dad-Kids bonding happening between ages 0-18, it’s never too early or too late to start investing in creating memorable experiences with your kids, they’ll end up being some of the best memories you ever have. More fun. New adventures. Priceless memories. And WonderDads is your launchpad to make it all happen.

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