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Dad Advice: Find Your Own Time to Restore Your Patience and Energy

It can be really difficult to balance the thought that to be a great Dad, you should spend every free second with your kids. But we are here to tell you that if you don’t take time to restore yourself, you can’t be the kind of Dad you want to be for your kids.
What are your interests and how do you restore yourself? Here are some examples from other Dads:

  • A sport like tennis, soccer, squash, flag football, or a slow-pitch softball league.
  • A solo activity like running, cycling, or long walks.
  • Reading, writing or drawing.
  • Cooking, baking, or barbecuing.
If you don’t give yourself the chance to restore your energy every week, you can’t be the Dad you want to be. What’s the thing that helps you forget about everything else and restores you to a happier place as a Dad? Now put that on your calendar every week!

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With 94% of Dad-Kids bonding happening between ages 0-18, it’s never too early or too late to start investing in creating memorable experiences with your kids, they’ll end up being some of the best memories you ever have. More fun. New adventures. Priceless memories. And WonderDads is your launchpad to make it all happen.

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