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From critically-acclaimed Dad resources to incredibly fun Dad-kids experiences, all accessed through our members-only emails and platform, a WonderDads Membership provides you with endless ideas and inspiration for how to embrace your kid’s childhood years. Join us, they grow up fast.
91% of Dad-kids bonding happens between the ages of 0-12.
Let WonderDads help you make the most out of every one…
“I have long prided myself on being a creative and involved Father, but the resources and accountability that my WonderDads account has provided is absolutely inspiring.”
Sven Olson

Dad to 3 Kids

“WonderDads opens the imagination door with your kids.”
Jeff Pinegar

Dad to Sal (Age 14), Scarlett (Age 7) and Savanah (Age 5)

“Helps me make the most out of this amazing ride called Fatherhood.”
Scott B.

Dad to 4 Kids (Ages 2, 5, 7, and 9)

“WonderDads provides an intentional platform to plan, implement, and invest in the moments which will positively impact the relationship between a Father and his or her child…”
Charles Gramatges

Dad to 2 Sons (Ages 3 and 6)

“WonderDads is a great resource. I think more Dads need to know about it, and understand how beneficial it can be for them as well as their children.”
Earl Miller

Dad to 2 Kids (Ages 12 and 13.5)

“WonderDads is a convenient resource for ideas and inspiration to help Dads navigate the daily dilemmas of modern Fatherhood.”
Sam Werth

Dad to a 1-year-old

Being a Dad is hard…
WonderDads can help you on the journey.
94% of Dad-Kids bonding happens between the ages of 0-18.
So we created a members-only Dad community with a focus on providing tools, resources and benefits that help our generation of Dads embrace their kid’s childhood years in new, innovative and FUN ways.

Our kid’s childhood years go by in a blink of an eye, even if at times the weeks and months are exhausting.
So we created ways to help time stand still – Dad-Kids trips, special Daddy Days, and new Dad-Kids traditions. While we can’t go above and beyond all the time, with a little creativity we can create priceless memories that our kids remember forever.!

Being a Dad is hard, but the love and memories are priceless.
We love being Dads. And we love helping to share inspiring ideas to help our fellow WonderDads embrace their kid’s childhood years, feel awesome about themselves as Dads, and make the most of every year we get to spend with our kids as kids.

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