The Coolest Company Perk Ever


What is WonderDads:

WonderDads creates Monthly Family Activities, delivered in a box or digitally, for parents at your company to do with their kids. The activities specifically relate to helping children of your employees understand what your company does and their Mom's or Dad's role at the company.  

What Your Employees Get:

Each month they'll receive the WonderDads Family Activities for (Your Company Name) via email or in a box. Each month's activities will have a specific theme, such as a focus on a specific product/service, what a particular team does at your company, or any other new information you'd like to share (or even a physical item).  We conduct a brief phone interview with someone at your company for the background information, then our team turns that into activities, role-play, and other creative and fun ways to share that information, as well as age-appropriate alterations when necessary.  

Why WonderDads Works:

What other perk, benefit, or monetary bonus could equal the value of showing parents at your company, or even potential hires, the importance you place on family? Belonging to WonderDads pays for itself many times over in a myriad of ways that better connect your employees to your company, as well as possibly even creating mini-evangelists with your employee's children :) A WonderDads membership is the ultimate way for companies of every size to show their employees the value they place on family.

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